* Per channel waveform viewer OMG! (Window->Oscilloscope View)

* When moving the cursor it will now warp from start<->end of the module.

* We added a "Rate us" button in the about screen. This helps us a lot!

* Fix softlock (freeze) related to the play pattern action. Thanks Lucky_Strikez for the steps to reproduce this issue!

* If you set step to 0 the cursor will not move on paste actions.

* Fixed "Family Red" timer color. It is more visible now.

* New skin "Erazzuus".

* Better waveform selector for the C64 with a Combo list.

* More compatibility when loading .wav files.

* Widgets windows enabled/disabled state now persist between runs.

* Noise volume of PCE lowered a bit (it was too high compared to other emulators).

* More accurate balance between YM2612 and PSG.

* TOUCH: Copy on write will not be enabled by accident anymore while dragging the floating toolbox.

* Added a little more space between channels for more visual pleasure (Thanks Raijin!)

* New intro tune by Obvious (Thanks a lot!)

* New demo songs by ThaCuber (NES/225bpm), Delek (NEOGEO/el_diego.dmf), Delek & Tildearrow (NEOGEO/anoranza_sombras), Mahbod Karamoozian (GENESIS/mad_man_ness), BlueElectric05 (GENESIS/acid_rain)


DefleMask 1.0.13 (Linux x86_64) 13 MB
Nov 27, 2021

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