* Now you can export GBS files on Game Boy if you choose the .gbs extension.

* Fix oscilloscope view on EXT.CH2 Neo Geo and EXT.CH3 Genesis.

* Fix weird and random pattern restart when using many speed change commands.

* Fix not being able to use fully the sample banks from number 2 in some systems.

* Fix some issues with the noise mode macro in the SN76489.

* Fix retrig effect (0C xx) for samples in PCEngine.

* Fix a typo in one of the popup messages.

* Fix a little issue where the artist intro name could be replaced if you load a module by command line.

* Fix loading of FM instruments ALG value on really old .dmf modules (prior 2014).

* Defle now allows the screen to be blanked by a screen saver

* Some UI updates (toggles, more space for oscilloscope view, etc)

* Bug fixes


DefleMask 1.0.15 (Linux x86_64) 12 MB
Jan 14, 2022

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