DefleMask v1.1.0 is here! OMG!

* New system added: SEGA Master System Mark III + FM Sound Unit (YM2413) AKA Japanese SEGA Master System!

* New feature: Patterns aliases. For the sake of good organization you can now switch to an Alias view on the pattern matrix and name your patterns! (set the view, ctrl+click on PC and tap and hold on touch/mobile to set a new Alias). Thanks for the request Beetroot Paul!

* Play pattern fixed.

* Add "play pattern" button on touch/mobile interface, it is under the sub menu in the floating tools.

* Fix Neo Geo SSG silent instruments if it they had no volume macro or volume command.

* Fix noise frequency set with SN3 on SN76489.

* Fix a bug that makes some modals not to show if you tried to close the app previously.

* Fix show/hide ins names setting on oscilloscope view not being persistent between sessions.

* Fix pattern matrix marking song as modified on click when no actual changes were made.

* Fix screensaver of the OS turning off the screen while playing a song.

* Some UI updates.

* New demo songs by Tytanium654 (SMS/radiorabbit) and CrazySoundEngineer (Arcade/NARC_skyhichs_nursery)

* Updates to the color themes and added a new skin "Summer Breath".

* Manual updated (https://www.deflemask.com/manual.pdf)

* Bug fixing.


DefleMask 1.1.0 (Linux x86_64) 12 MB
Feb 17, 2022

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