* New system added: Nintendo NES + FDS

* Fix some weird and random softlocks (app not responding)

* Fix undo behavior when double digits were used on the patterns.

* Fix EG-S toggle not working on YM2413.

* Fix TAB misbehavior when putting NOTE OFFs while the focus is on the pattern matrix.

* Fix very rare softlock in the tutorial when having permission issues for extracting the builtin assets.

* TOUCH mode: Fix dragwheels selectors (YM2413 ins selector, skin selector, C64 waveforms selector).

* Improved loader for OPM instruments: now you can browse all patches individually, also the loader will skips blank patches and takes up to 32 instruments (was 8)

* Fix import of .tfi instruments (DT wasn't converted properly)

* Fix oscilloscope line sizes on different UI scales.

* TOUCH mode: The floating toolbox will auto hide itself when it becomes inactive.

* New skin added: "Klockwerx"

* New intro tunes by Pixel and TRHS! Thanks!

* New demo songs by John Tay (GENESIS/dont panic, GENESIS/carson wants to play 8-ball), Blue Electric (GENESIS/blue electric), TheLegendaryHat (NES/con se quence), Delek (NES/lento, NES/fds_yuyuki_intro)

* UI/UX tweaks.

* Manual updated.


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Apr 01, 2022

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