* On oscilloscope view you can double click the channel's name to hide the instrument names.

* Updated Game Boy Rom Exporter to v0.6, featuring a smaller engine command format, and improved ROM that shows artist/title and has playback controls. Thanks Pegmode! https://github.com/Pegmode/-DeflemaskGBVGM-

* MOBILE: Fix .dmf file association on most Android devices.

* Fix some pops and clicks while using AMP factor on 8bits samples.

* Fix sample banks on NES and PCEngine (thanks tildearrow for reporting this!)

* Fix stereo display on Game Boy oscilloscope view.

* Fix a strange behavior while pressing TAB while focusing the instrument editor.

* Fix a bug where you can't click some rows when using a low amount of total rows.

* Fix YM2612 FM6 not showing oscilloscope waveform when in FM mode.

* Fix Arcade oscilloscope waveforms being additive.

* Operators on EXT.CH3/2 mode in Genesis/Neo Geo are displayed in a single oscilloscope now (FM3 OPS/FM2 OPS)

* Fix combined waveforms on SID 6581.

* Fix a typo in keybinds screen.

* macOS/iOS: Fix random intros not being random (duh!).

* TOUCH/MOBILE: Added a scrollbar to module properties in case the content don't fit.

* TOUCH/MOBILE: Fix floating toolbox being not responsive when side bars are over it.

* New demo songs: Crisps (C64/staring at the ceiling, Genesis/ModUwUation)

* Bug fixes.


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Dec 30, 2021

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