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DefleMask: The best cross-platform chiptune tracker!

Produce video game music for old school game-consoles and computers! 

In a tracker sound is produced by adding notes in a grid divided by channels, in which special effects can be added for each channel individually. For example you can make a vibrato, portamento and arpeggios with simple commands

This is a brand new version of the tracker rethought for modern hardware, 64 bits support and ARM (Raspberry Pi and more)

There are different systems to choose, from 16bits to 8bits, or even Arcade board chips! Check the full list below:

Supported Systems

  1. - Genesis
  2. - Master System (+ FM Sound Unit)
  3. - GB
  4. - PCE
  5. - NES (+VRC7, +FDS)
  6. - C64
  7. - Arcade
  8. - Neo Geo

You can export your song in .vgm, .wav and .rom formats and get the best quality for your amazing tunes ;)


  1. Modular UI with an intuitive design.
  2. Realtime emulation of the hardware.
  3. Built in instrument editor for FM, Wavetables and more.
  4. Switch between systems on the fly, port a NES tune to Genesis!
  5. Share projects between mobile and pc versions.
  6. 16 different global effects and dedicated effects for every chip.
  7. MIDI device support.
  8. Basic view that allows reading your song in a simple way.
  9. UI modes (select between desktop and touch mode).
  10. Export to .wav, .vgm or rom.
  11. 40 beautiful skins.
  12. And more things waiting you to explore!

Do you need some help starting making chiptune music?

The manual is your friend! Also check our community on Discord to discover other artist and feel free to ask anything you need (except the meaning of life which is clearly 42). Also YouTube have a tons of artist sharing creations every week.

System requirements:

DefleMask runs everywhere! You can get also the macOS, Windows, iOS and Android versions too on each store! You can export that song you have been working on and edit them on the go with DefleMask mobile or finish a tune you are making on the mobile version back in your PC.

By buying this software you:

Get updates forever!

One time purchase! Free updates!

Are helping us to reach more platforms and stores!

Users said that they want to see Defle on Steam, Switch, Raspberry PI, VR.
As you may know, we need money to make this kind of things real.

Support the tracker you love!

We need to maintain the website and forum ($$), pay developers ($$) and developer licenses ($$), and invest a lot of time on the project ($$).
Your purchase of DefleMask helps the software we all love continue to exist.

Keep the development active

Offering this software for free is not a sustainable option for us anymore (we did it for 10 years!), it grew to a stage where using only our free time and our money as fuel can't move the project. Your purchase keeps us bettering the project and all systems running.

If you're not sure, try the legacy version!

You can use DefleMask Legacy which will always be free. Think of it as a demo version. Purchasing DefleMask will bring all the new features, bug fixes and compatibility improvements with newer OS versions.

We'd like to thank everyone for your continued support of the project. <3


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this tracker you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

DefleMask 1.1.8 (Linux x86_64) 12 MB
DefleMask 1.1.8 (Linux armhf) 11 MB

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