* ARM arch build for Linux available (Raspberry Pi support and more!)

* Added basic waveforms generators for wavetables.

* Better emulation for the ladder effect and DAC distortion on YM2612.

* Better size and position for number tooltips on touch mode.

* Fixed FDS waveform scale on oscilloscope view

* Fixed Genesis ADSR Attack behaving oddly in some cases.

* Fixed a persistency bug related to pattern aliases.

* Fixed volume column issues on NES when using macros from FDS instruments.

* Fixed a little issue with the vibrato effect on Neo Geo modules.

* Fixed annoying plop sound when switching to NES.

* Fixed an issue when loading wavetables with different bit depths.

* New demo songs by Uhrwerk Klockwerx (Genesis/Improved Emerald Hill, PCE/mlpce), Tee-M-Kay (C64/continous_travel) and BlueElectric05 (NEOGEO/Pain)

* New intro song by TheDuccinator! Thanks!

* Manual updated.


DefleMask 1.1.4 (Linux x86_64) 10 MB
Jul 11, 2022
DefleMask 1.1.4 (Linux armhf) 10 MB
Jul 11, 2022

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