* New system added: Nintendo NES + VRC7

* Fix some weird bugs when switching from SMS to SMS+FM.

* Fix YM2413 note off SUS toggle and arpeggio off.

* Fix A and D range of the YM2413 ADSR envelope generator.

* Fix touch screen wheel instrument selector for YM2413 waveforms.

* Removed extra samples at the end in some .wav outputs (thanks Toni Leys!)

* macOS: Fixed Cmd+Left/Right on text boxes (HOME, END).

* Better waveform scales on oscilloscope view.

* New skin “EnorZone65” (thanks Tytanium654 for the suggestion!)

* Manual updated.

* Updated SDL to 2.0.20

* Bug fixes.


DefleMask 1.1.1 (Linux x86_64) 12 MB
Feb 24, 2022

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