* Video Export feature! (Windows / macOS / Linux)

* Vertical (portrait) UI support on touch mode. ;)

* Better oscilloscopes views.

* Added a d-pad on the extra pages of the floating toolbox on touch.

* "Normalize" buttons center the wavetables now, to fix any DC offset.

* Added "Center" function to waveform generators.

* Fixed triangle and saw wavetables generators.

* Added an effect for controlling AM/PM depth on YM2151 (effect 1E)

* Now with shift pressed while doing backspace/insert you can move the entire channel data.

* Fixed operators mute state on FM when song loops.

* Fixed tuning on Neo Geo.

* Fixed various loop issues in exported vgm files.

* Fixed move up/down arpeggio macro buttons on touch ui mode.

* Fixed a little misplacement of the instrument editor of the YM2413 when Sliders mode is selected.

* Fixed a volume glitch while previewing notes.

* Fixed display of very long instrument names on oscilloscope view.

* Fixed .opm loading on macOS.

* More consistent exit popup texts.

* Reduced PCEngine CPU use on mobile builds.

* New demo songs by pd cgt (PCE/fivemeninadunebuggy) and F/\DE (SMS/acidjazz)

* New intro song by TheDuccinator! (this time for real)

* UI/UX upgrades.

* Manual updated.

* Bug fixes.


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