* Fixed some emulation bugs with the PC Engine emulator.

* Fixed SSG-EG emulation on FM chips (thanks genatari for the reports and Aaron Giles for fixing the emu)

* New Game Boy ROM Exporter by pegmode!

* Ctrl/Cmd + Mouse wheel now works on sliders too.

* Added Jack support on Linux.

* Fixed a DC offset issue while muting FM6 channel on SEGA Genesis.

* Fixed vumeter on Genesis FM6 channel while on samples mode.

* Now the select area is visible while playing the song if follow mode is set to off.

* Fixed stereo output on Genesis FM6 channel while on samples mode.

* Fixed a crash that could occur while using the internal file dialog.

* Fixed not working EFxx effect on Arcade system.

* Fixed not showing the dirty * when editing an instrument.

* Per system frequency bounds to EFxx effect.

* SSG-EG checkbox will now reset when instrument is replaced.

* Now you can tweak the ui scale while on touch mode and the selected value will be properly persisted trough sessions.

* Fixed a theme reset bug while using multiple defle instances.

* Fixed interpolation and removed the low pass filter.

* Fixed 8 bits wav samples playback.

* And more...


DefleMask 1.0.3 (Linux x86_64) 8 MB
May 13, 2021

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