• ANDROID: Better performance and less latency, switched to 48khz for audio output.
  • ANDROID: Improved file association of .dmf files.
  • On screen piano key press color is now relative to the channel volume.
  • Touch: Increased max UI scale limit to 5 (previously on 2).
  • Touch: Better support for devices with round edges and notch.
  • Touch: While changing UI Scale the main menu will be transparent in order to see better how the UI will end up.
  • Fix a bug while using pitch commands on sample channels.
  • Added support for Start (0xFA) and Stop (0xFC) MIDI signals.
  • Better mix of volume commands (tremolos, Axy, etc) with macros.
  • If a ROM export fails an information dialog will appear explaining what went wrong.
  • Now the integrated file dialog can see .DMF files correctly (uppercase extension)
  • Fixed emulation of SID 6581 combined waveforms.
  • Desktop: The screensaver of your PC will be shown when the app is running.
  • Update to SDL 2.0.16.
  • New demo songs by HeavyViper (NES/nouroblade, NES/starrysky), Delek (Arcade/bicolored), Joshi (Arcade/star_light_squares), Ygor G (Genesis/marble_zone) and Crisps (C64/office_loader)
  • Bug fixes.


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Sep 16, 2021

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