* New feature "Clone pattern on write", on Edit menu or Ctrl+D or press & hold on the record button. This mode will make the next write to clone the current pattern and immediately switch to it, writing your changes in the cloned one.

* Better emulation of C64 combined waveforms. * Fix C64 "10xx - Set WAVE" documentation, on Manual and effects list.

* Volume changes on NOTE OFF are now accepted.

* Now you can click a row from a pattern that is not the current one and the cursor will shift to it seamlessly.

* Fix empty sample at the beginning of .wav exports.

* Fix offset error when changing skins on the touch interface.

* New skin "Ramperin" added.

* New demo songs by rayjkayj, Mahbod Karamoozian and Abstract 64, thanks a lot!


DefleMask 1.0.9 (Linux x86_64) 15 MB
Aug 05, 2021

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