* Windows: Fixed main window position at start and other dialogs settings.

* Better .sid export.

* Fix a playback cursor bug that was causing random jumps if you click the pattern matrix while the song was playing.

* Fix crash on some old versions of macOS when trying to open a file dialog.

* Fix crash when setting to 0 the hz clock value while the song is playing.

* Fix a bug related to adding new content to the pattern matrix while the song is playing.

* Fix noise volume on PC Engine while using A note.

* Fix volume wrongly resetting to max after a Axy command.

* Fix not asking to overwrite if you open a new module from the Windows Explorer.

* Fix a strange bug that makes the tracker not normally closable if you try to close the OS window exactly when the intro animation was finishing.

* Fix about screen size not being consistent.

* Fix buttons size on MIDI config window on touch/mobile interface.

* New demo songs by Mahbod Karamoozian, Leumeister, Uhrwerk Klockwerx, That8BitChiptuneGuy, Obvious, CaptainMalware and Rayjkayj. Thanks a lot guys, you rock!


DefleMask 1.0.8 (Linux x86_64) 16 MB
Jul 15, 2021

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