* Now you can edit everything on the fly, even if defle is playing. You can add new notes to the patterns, edit instruments, edit envelopes, etc; and the tracker will react to the changes instantly.

* Fix MIDI input velocity behavior.

* Fix a bug in transition on noise and samples on PCE.

* Now the open instrument/sample/wavetable dialog will stay on front so you can test the files faster. [Windows only]

* Fix a notes preview bug with some FM instruments.

* Better balance between FM and PSG on Genesis.

* Fix some flickering when playing from cursor (Shift+Enter)

* You can hold Play on touch/mobile to play from cursor!

* UI Scale is now available also con desktop UI.

* You can invert the scrolling/drag direction of the touch mode on Options.

* Fix LFO speed on some FM chips.

* Fix range on arpeggio macro while pasting new data.

* Fix an YM2151 operators attack emulation bug.

* Fix an YM2151 LFO bug that was causing some instruments to be detuned.

* Instrument editor window can be resized now.

* Fix a case of save state corruption on backup module.

* Fix Game Boy hardware export LCD bug.

* Fix timing issues during playback and on .wav export.

* Fix not asking for overwrite if you drag & drop a file from the OS file browser to the tracker.

* Fix not showing an error when a .wav sample depth doesn't match what the tracker expects.

* Fix interpolation when using empty rows or using equal numbers.

* New demo songs by Raijin, Crisps, Adesyndicat, Michirin and CreeperPrinz! Thanks guys!


DefleMask 1.0.6 (Linux x86_64) 15 MB
Jun 26, 2021

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