* Fix a crash while using a very large display or a small UI scale value.

* New .wav exporter with loop count selector and multi channel export, that can automatically output one wav per channel and is also a lot faster than before.

* Now you can do Ctrl/Cmd+Click on Knobs/Sliders to directly edit the value (also works on the pattern matrix if you didn't know)

* Fix more FM SSG-EG issues, we are getting closer and closer to HW.

* Tweak the skin and font system for better looks

* Fix PCE noise emulation.

* Cloning of previous patterns can be done with Shift+Click (instead of Ctrl+Click which was recently taken to edit values)

* Fix a bug where notes were triggered incorrectly on FM chips.

* Fix FM operators order 1 2 3 4 instead of 1 3 2 4 (now can be read from left to right instead of top to bottom)

* Fix flipped interaction with Ctrl/Cmd+mouse wheel on vertical sliders

* Fix case-sensitivity on some extensions (noticed on tfi instruments)

* Fix crashes while exporting ROMs (particularly on C64)

* Fix some MIDI misbehaviour due to hardcoded mappings

* Fix not triggering notes on C64 while doing a wave macro.

* Fix a crash that could occur while switch to/from Neo Geo.

* Fix channels internal logic while muting on C64.

* Fix empty (invalid) effects affecting the module playback

* Fix crash when closing DefleMask running on the -n/--nogui mode

* Fix module set to modified when saving an instrument/module

* Fix clipboard support (you can now copy/paste notes from a DefleMask instance to another)

* Switch to Roboto Mono for clearer pattern text (from Mononoki)

* General bug fixing (more details on https://deflemask.com/bugs)

* Refresh demo/intro songs. Some were removed and new ones were added. We have have written permission from the musicians to use their modules as demo/intro songs on the tracker, so many thanks to all of you, you're making Defle even better: CrazySoundEngineer, cTrix, Curriculum Crasher, Demick12, djmaximum, Dya, Heavy Viper, jrlepage, littlelamp100, LordHypnos, LukeMcQueen, MegaSparky, MegaSphere (Peter Gover), MrKsoft, NARFNra, NerickSam, Pegmode, Quirby64, Ravancloak, sergeeo, Spoony Bard, SuperJet Spade, Toni Leys, 8bitdude)


DefleMask 1.0.5 (Linux x86_64) 8 MB
May 23, 2021

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